NHS workers

Supporting your future

If you’re an NHS worker who is approaching retirement, it can be hard to know the best steps to take in preparation for the next stage – particularly when it comes down to your finances! We’re specialists in helping NHS employees get the most from their financial situation and plan effectively for their retirement.

Whether you’ve previously had some financial advice or you’re brand-new to things, we’re here to support you on your journey to the future you dream of.

Here’s how we’ll help…

Understand your pension

We’ll help you make sense of your pension and the options that are available to you in terms of using it. Our aim is to provide clarity about where you are now and demystify your financial situation.

See what’s possible

Through cash flow modelling, we’ll explore future scenarios and see how your current situation matches up with your retirement goals. This lets us gain a better picture of things like when you can retire.

Discounted services

We offer our services at a discounted rate to all NHS workers and their families or spouses, so you can truly feel the value of financial planning. It’s our way of giving back for everything you do.

Plan for a great future

Whatever your hopes and dreams for the future, we’ll build a tailored financial plan designed to help you get to where you want to be. All we have to do is get started!

Hear from our clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of the people we’ve helped with our advice.

Graeme was very professional and conducted an overall review before making recommendations which were followed up in writing. He is very good at his job, assesses situations well, is totally trustworthy, and can be relied upon to give good "non pushy" advice after full research.

A client in West Lothian

Graeme organised a financial seminar for NHS staff nearing retirement. I was impressed with his knowledge and presentation and there was no pressure to sign up.

A client in Lanarkshire

Graeme has a dedicated, systematic approach to our financial planning and we are very pleased with the positive results. We look forward to his regular visits to our home.

A client in Berwickshire

Graeme's welcome visits bring both me and my wife total confidence in his ability and he always leaves us believing that he is acting in our best interests.

A client in Renfrewshire

Graeme is very approachable and his financial advice is presented in a way that I can understand! I'm sure my situation isn't complex in the great world of finance, but he never makes me feel I am wasting his time.

A client in West Lothian

Graeme provides advice with great clarity. Unused to the world of investments he was able to provide the right level of information in an easily understandable manner.

A client in Lanarkshire

Graeme excelled and I am very pleased with the position (financially) that I now find myself in. My deepest thanks go to Graeme and his team for their excellent service, and I look forward to their continued advice.

A client in Fife

By helping us take control of our pensions, Graeme gave us a reassuring back stop at a time when our jobs were uncertain. I wish I had met Graeme earlier!

A client in London

Graeme has the patience to listen, which gives him a good understanding of my situation and requirements. He makes me feel at ease during our meetings and gives me various investment options to consider. There is no hard sell or pushiness. He is trustworthy and truthful and has given me great peace of mind.

A client in Bedfordshire

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